HyperCOOP was developed by Decentralized Agency during a residency led by ArtRebels/Social Service Club on future health stores (for Swedish supermarket ICA). It was never intended as a silver bullet, but as a seed, to flourish further conversation.

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HyperCOOP model and concept by
Decentralized Agency ->

Developed during residency with
ArtRebels -> for ICA ->

3D Flowers designed by
DoubleUp Studio ->

Website developed by
Bram Krekels ->

Typefaces are Till by
Pauline LePape ->
and Inter by
Rasmus Andersson ->

Sources and Inspiration

Healthy and fruitful balance requires multiplicity
Growing a cooperative like you’d grow a garden
Quadratic Voting
Black Swan: Interdependent Art Worlds
Continued reading
On Return to the Commons
From Co-ops to Cryptonetworks
The Forest That Owns Itself
Resilience of the Coop in Times of Crisis